Friday, 20 February 2015

Suspended Wire Rope Platform Supplier in Delhi

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is best suppliers of suspended platform (access cradle or hanging platform solutions for hire nationwide, throughout the India.)

What is Suspended Platform?
Suspended Platforms( also known as cradles system or working rope platforms) are safe working areas hung from  which can be raised and lowered into position using power winches.
Suspended Platform are widely used for building maintenance like plastering, painting, glass cleaning and installation work on both the external and internal sides of any building, construction work.
Suspended Platform Either directly from a structure or using a specially fabricated  wall system, hanging platform are a quick and convenient method of accessing heights or depths out of the range of conventional access methods such as scaffolding, single and double hoister platforms, L profile suspended platform,
Another advantage of suspended platform is that they create no obstruction at ground level and generally need no obstruction at ground level and generally need no trying in to the building face. Hanging Platforms are ideal for work on occupied buildings.

Power System
The ability to raise and lower the cradle comes from either the Alpha Hoist or Compact Hoist, depending on load requirements. These are highly reliable devices with built in fail safes as well as the sky Lock secondary working rope safety device.

Key Features or Specification
·         Platform Up to 8 meters Long
·         Manually, electrically, or pneumatically operated
·         No ties to building requirement
·         No obstructions at ground level
·         Any desired height and high load capacity
·         Special Platforms Available

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd can supply cradles to specifically suit for your access requirements.  Please contact us for more Technical information.

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