Monday, 25 June 2018

Suspended Rope Platform In India

Sona now brings to India the most advanced Rope Suspended Platform Hoist. With features like safety lock model, advanced Electrical control system with anti-tilting, rope break, high quality steel wire rope. Also referred to as Gondola, these hoists are used for maintenance and decoration of the outer parts of high rise buildings. A Wire Rope Suspended Platform Hoist can also be described as a temporary structure attached to the building for alteration and demolition of the construction.

Gondolas are widely used for repairing work, maintenance of a building, installing the billboards on high rise towers, welding, cleaning and painting for large ships and more. Sona Constructions uses high quality materials
The suspended rope platform hoist from Sona, one of the leading platform hoist exporter, comes with some unique features to support the growing demands of the contractors and engineers.
All our remarkable Suspended Platform find their wide use in almost all kinds of construction applications for lifting people and loading material at certain level of height.
Some striking features of Suspended Platform are:
·         Adjustable working height
·         Remarkable loading capacity
·         Toughly constructed hoist
·         Durable safety lock
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